Saturday, 27 November 2010

Police to ask Nominet to close 'criminal' domains

This is of concern to me.

While it is right, proper and for the common good for criminal sites to be removed, there is a danger that 'grey' area websites will fall foul of this law.

For example, if a website is set up to provide hacking tutorials, discussions and tools to the community, it might be deemed by the police that the site is 'criminal' and it's registration removed without any recourse for the owner. It is conceivable that such a site, while possibly frequented by criminal hackers, it could also be a hugely useful resource for ethical hackers and security professionals.

There are plenty of other sites that could be described as 'dual purpose' to one degree or another and having the police decide which remain and which go is suggesting the principal of 'Innocent until proven guilty' is all but dead.

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